Sunday, 1 January 2012


My name is Maja Mark and I am a 18 year old girls from Sweden/Austria. I moved to England 6 months ago to improve my English. My interests are fashion, travelling and horse riding. I have a horse named Angelo and a Dog named Kira. I like to spend a lot of time outside- going for long walks, skiing but I also enjoy reading a book or clubbing with my friends. I hope you like my blog and that you will follow me through my exciting day to day life.

 My beautiful mummy- she is perfect and even if we argued a lot back home..I MISS HER! (Mama in Roberto Cavalli dress and Vintage and Swarovski jewellery)
 Angelo mei Haflingerboy.- the nicest horse on earth!
 Anna (we are literally friend since we´re born-she is the most important person in my life) , Daisy (my older brothers lovely girldfriend) and me in Garda, Italy! (Anna in a Palmersbikini, Daisy and me in H&M bikini)
 I LOVE YOU TILL THE END <3 Me in a Vintagedress and Armanishoes, Anna in H&M Vest and Roberto Cavalli shorts.
 Hand in Hand on our way to wonderland!
 MY puppy, my sweet sugarpie- the love of my life KIRA!!!!
 My ex boyfriends dog JAYJAY- one of the cutest animals alive :)

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